Friday, 7 June 2013

First Day

This is my first day of post in this blog, have been thinking of doing this for quiet a long time ... but there is always something that stop me from doing it.

I may not good at blogging all the things I made all this time, but will definitely try to write it here.
There are a lot of craft blogs that really inspires me to make things, especially crochet.  I am into crochet since I move to Finland in 2003 when I got married.  While I don't know anyone when I first arrive, I was pregnant after one month married.  And I just got to do something, so I started to crochet again when I saw some yarn and hooks.

I bought many books and yarns, about crochet and knitting I did for sometime got the cross-stitch bug but that didn't last long ... to fiddly for me when I have to change thread every now and then.

I hope this will be a beginning for my blogging life and will make new friends along the way .....

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