Friday, 20 September 2013

Present for a little baby girl

Yesterday I go for coffee time at a friend's house, she had a baby girl about  5 months ago and I have not seen her since before summer holiday.  It's been so long .....

I can't go to her place not bringing anything for the baby, can I?  Nooo, noo .... so the night before I looked for any crochet idea that can be make in a short time .... a very short time actually, just one night.  Huh huh ..., so I start browsing through my favorite blog Annemarie's Haakblog, there you can find all great links to other crochet blogs. It is from her blog I found the link to .... uups I forget the name of the blog (damn) ...- I will look for it and when i find it I link it here.

Anyway, I made this with Primavera Cotton and it turn out so cute, my first attempt to this baby toy ...

I am happy with it, even my 9,5 yrs old son said it is cute ....

I had a great time at her place, chatting having coffee and eating macaroni casserole that she made.

Too bad I had to go home at 14:00 cause my son didn't bring his key and I had a business call to attend to between 14:00 - 15:00 ....


  1. I'm amazed that you finished this in one evening.

    1. when i have to make something i can .... it was kinda urgent so i give up a couple ours of my sleeping hours ..