Sunday, 22 June 2014

Crochet Orange Clutch

Hallo again, it's been sometime since I last post.  Yes I know, I promise to post more often but it still is not happening.  Anyway, here is the story behind my Orange Clutch ... (not exactly mine actually):

Orange clutch
Novita Huvila, hook 2,25mm

Last week my cousin ask me if I can make a clutch for to put her wallet and phone when she goes out for lunch at work.  And I said yes .... I didn't even know what it would be like but I just say yes.  

She wanted orange as it is one of her favorite color at the moment ....

So after looking for some idea on pinterest, I come up with this shell motif and all the time I just change how it will look like as the final product.  The reason for the changes was that she has quiet a big wallet from the measurements she gave me, so I checked all the time if it was okay.  Finally I add the side so it will be a bit thick.  It's now finish ... well almost finish, I am making the handle at the moment and still have to line it.  Taking the time, while my mind is already in vacation.

Hopefully she will be happy with the end result ....

Thanks for trusting me with making the clutch sweet cousin ...

Have a nice Sunday everybody ...


  1. Good to see you back here in the blogosphere! That’s a lovely clutch you’ve made. I’ve been busy too and now I have added knitting to my crafts skills! I’m also making another one of THAT bolero we both struggled with; it’s so easy when the pattern is right!

    1. Thank you Nell ... it has been a while since I blog ... but I did make quiet a few just don't have the time to blog them ... but I promise myself to make the time ....
      Good on you that you make again that bolero ... I might too but using a cotton yarn this time ..

  2. ik heb u via andere bloggers gevonden...leuke blog..ik zal meer gaan bezoeken...

    1. Oh wat leuk ... dank u wel voor het bezoek ... ik hebt nog niet veel bloggen maar het zal wel meer komen ... ik hebt meer tijd nodig in een dag ...