Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Year Plans

Christmas is gone and in a few days New Year is coming.  A lot of us has done their 'Resolution for the next year', while I am still holding a book with blank pages in it.  What do I think about next year?  What my plans are?   Hmmm ... shall I make a Resolution list of what I am going to do next year?  i don't really like the word 'Resolution' for this particular thing.  Maybe I'll just call it '2014 forecast list', which to me is more flexible than resolution.

So, last night I came up with two main things I will put on my forecast list for 2014, and that is:
*  Weekly Crochet Block, and
*  Weekly Knit Block
*  Sew more
*  Start on the selling items I make and make it happen.

I have put the name of blocks that I will be making every week for the crochet blocks, but haven't found any yet for knit ones.  As far as color theme I just going with what stash I have now so I can use them little by little.  In the meantime, I will have to work on my schedule list to make it happen for the work I am doing from home, house chores, gym and my crafts.

Will see how it's going in January, as I want things to be flexible so I can be making a block a week or maybe there will come 2 blocks.  I have to make sure that I work harder  than this year.

Have a Happy New Year every body .... see you all in January 2014!

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