Saturday, 1 February 2014

Changing blog name

I am thinking of changing the blog name to 'my life in finland' since I want to share about some things in my life too in this blog.  While I still blog about things I make, I can also share of what I do what I think.

Winter has just begun here in Finland, I mean just because the snow has started only like two weeks ago.  Today it is not that cold, when Mikael want to play on the swing outside, so I thought why not.

After putting on all clothes we are ready to play outside.  The breeze of winter cold welcome us as I opened the flat building door, Mika just ran out to the snow which is about 15 - 20 cm high.  It is so fun, throwing snow at each other and pushing him on the swing ... he also play on the slide and got his body in the snow, listening to him laughing was so good.  He is a happy boy ....

have a wonderful winter everyone ..

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