Friday, 5 August 2016

Crochet WIPs

I have not been posting for quite a long time. I have crochet still a lot and more lately I just did not have the mood in writing. I have been looking for ideas to crochet or just make anything crafty, the ideas was there but not the mood and time.

But just this last two weeks I have come across the small booklet from Flow Magazine which I have had for some time but did not really put my mind on. It’s ‘The Joy of One Thing at a Time’ notebook.  Yes, one thing at a time.  I guess this hit me real hard as all this time I just move from one project to another without any timeframe or target of when it has to be finished.  So now, I try to apply this on my crochet projects.  I have a lot of WIPs and decided that it’s time to do something about it, having some finished and just needs to seam all the ends and an almost finish project, I made a list of which one I can finished first.  The list goes on and on … but at least I am more aware of what they are and try to do the which goes first on the to be finished list.

Yes, more list. Hopefully I can be more organized this way and will start filling my house with finish projects or putting it up for sale.

Here are my list of WIPs :                                                      
1.     Zigzag / Chevron Retro blanket
2.    Dutch 2014 blanket CAL
3.    Small granny square blanket
4.    Solid granny blanket
5.    Jan Eaton blocks blanket
6.    Gray shawl (from Japanese book)
7.    Fuchsia pineapple shawl (almost finish)
8.    Green-yellow half granny shawl (ends to be seam)
9.    Green wool shawl (own pattern)
10.  Khaki vest
11.  Pink-grey-white baby blanket
There it is, at least this is the one that I can remember and find so far.

Bye and thanks for coming by …. will be back soon, I promised this time


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