Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Triangle Chain Stitch Orange Shawl

I know that on my last post I mentioned that I will not start a new project, until I finished any of my WIP's.  But, as you all probably know I am not good at doing that, so I start on a new project.

I had been looking for a very simple chain stitch shawl, after browsing on Pinterest and then my books I found one that is so simple and thought why I have never really think of this shawl before. It’s from a ‘vintage’ Japanese crochet pattern book that is no longer being printed ( or sold maybe).  And I started right away with it with the orange wool yarn that was lying around waiting to be turned into something useful and beautiful. 

Yarn used : 7Veljestä from Novita Oy
Hook : 4mm (Clover 6/0)

Thanks and bye,


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    1. Thanks you Nell, it's so grey here at the moment and autumn is coming soon, needs to brighten in up with some flowers to be attached.